Great Stuff By Paul

Ask Paul (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do most of the antiques you have come from?
A: Europe (Germany, Holland, England, and France), Canada, The United States and China.

Q: Do you personally go there and pick items out?
A: I do a couple of times a year. I have been fortunate in finding a lot of Great people that I speak to constantly who buy for me. I always let them know what to look for and they usually find it and other Great Stuff.

Q: How do you find the quantities of stuff you carry?
A: Most times it can take months to find the kinds of antiques in the quantities I need. Most of them are literally bought one at a time from homes, fairs, shows, farms, stores, etc…

Q: Do you have a catalog?
A: Not a printed one, but most of my items can be found and ordered on this website. I am constantly getting merchandise all the time. It changes very often. So the most effective way to keep my customers up to date on the latest Great Stuff is this Website.

Q: How can people or businesses buy from you?
A: You can purchase online, call my store at (301) 631-5340 or 1 (888) 729-4548 (orders only), or fax an order to us at (301) 631-0783.  Click here for more information on ordering.

Q: How do you ship my orders?
A: Via UPS-Truck.  Click here for my shipping policy.

Q: How can we get prices?
A: Most prices are listed in the On-Line Store, but you can also call us during normal business hours at (301) 631-5340.

Q: Do you sell to businesses wholesale?
A: Yes. The largest part of our business is to Dealers, Decorators, Stores, Restaurants, etc… Most of our items are bought for resale. Our prices are Great – and also many of our items are used to decorate or used as props.  Click here for more information on becoming a Great Partner.

Q: How often do you get merchandise?
A: Almost every month I get 40-foot large containers from Europe and around the world. Every couple of weeks I get merchandise from my pickers in Canada. Every week my pickers bring stuff to my store. I do approximately 10 shows around the country per year – mainly in the South and East – and am always buying more Great Stuff for you.

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